Helping ClearCare look like the industry leader they are

Despite having continuous growth, great reputation, and being a leader in the private duty and geriatric care management industry, ClearCare needed help with their brand and with the execution of new ideas to make their product better.

When ClearCare approached us their site looked very dated and like a virtual museum of stock photography. It needed a makeover but we didn't wanted to part so far away of the original that it would become a completely different brand. It needed an evolution, not a revolution.

Our first step was to work on a basic graphic tool box –we tweaked the cold-clinical blue and green color scheme to warm and more sophisticated colors. We change the type face of the logo to a similar but better constructed face, and we decided to take photographs of their users instead of using stock. We wanted to add a human touch to the brand, and reflect the essence of what they do – caring for people.

Once we had the tool box we helped them with the language and navigation of the site, so users and potential clients could understand clearly what they do and how they do it.

The result was a website that showcased ClearCare clients and their testimonies on the impact of the software in their business. It clearly communicated the highlights of the application and their expertise in home care.

"The web site redesign increased by 5x our inbound leads with contact information. We attribute it to a more beautiful, thorough site building, more confidence in visitors, and to a simplified form to complete".

— Jacquelyn Kung
COO, ClearCare



Published on by Anthony Ina.