ClearCare: The Family Room

Creating a virtual place for families to manage the care of a disabled loved one

ClearCare is a web-based software solution for private duty and geriatric care management agencies. Their software is typically used by schedulers, case managers, and agency administrators, but this particular effort sought to create a friendly portal for family members to login to and review the heaps of data on their loved ones. We called it The Family Room

The Family Room is a virtual place where family members can gather to understand the well being of a person under care. We imagined a place where a primary family caregiver, Stephen, could interact with non-local younger sisters Jane and Meagan.

The family has a direct view into the household by review the caregiver's logs. Entries can be flagged or "hearted" for the care agency. The family can create common events and tasks. Medications can be collaboratively managed. All items in are open for discussion. 

Following its deployment, an anecdote surfaced suggesting the portal may have saved an elderly woman's life. A family member noticed a caregiver was foregoing addressing a respiratory infection because s/he believed the woman was already taking antibiotics for unrelated symptoms. The elderly woman was in fact not on antibiotics. The family member intervened in time to successful treat a pneumonia.

Published on by Anthony Ina.