Redefining a leader in healthcare technology

Started nearly a decade ago, Phreesia is the leader in point-of-care technology for medical practices. The company estimates in 2013 approximately 23 million patients checked-in using Phreesia across 53 specialties. About the same time, they realized it was time for their brand and communications to match these achievements.

Viking worked with Phreesia's talented marketing and communications teams to reposition their brand, then subsequently launch their flagship website. We began with an extensive research phase: reviewed lots of internal materials, attended a quarterly meeting, interviewed every level of their staff — and even a handful of Phreesia practices. After pouring over transcripts, we built a framework based on the values we uncovered to help Phreesia think through their positioning.

Once the position was decided, we put together mood boards and in parallel architected the new site. We worked together closely on content, ultimately designing, developing, and launching the site. 

Stepping into Phreesia's offices after the brand and website launch, we noticed a little more spring in their steps. We're grateful for the opportunity to work with a such a great company, and look forward to more in the future. 

Published on by Anthony Ina.