Market Publique

Launching a vintage fashion marketplace

Market Publique was created from soup-to-nuts by co-founders Anthony Ina (Viking's Principal & Founder), Pamela Castillo, and Jonathan Berger. It was an online marketplace for vintage fashion and apparel. It operated from 2009 through 2012.

The marketplace was curated, and the product was designed to be highly engaging. It was meant to be a visual shopping experience which predated Pinterest, Etsy, and Ebay's updates. We aimed to improve every element of the experience — shopping, listing, and community.

During it's lifespan, approximately $150k in goods was exchanged on over 12,000 items. The site had three sources of revenue: a list fee, a percent of each sale, and a featured listing. The business had approximately 8,000 registered users. 1 of every 4 items sold at an average price of $40.

Here's what some folks thought of it: 


"Market Publique is a haven for a serious vintage clothing fans and people who know a quality vintage product when they see one." — Trendhunter Magazine

"By focusing one niche and creating an appealing storefront for carefully selected vendors, Market Publique takes the standard online marketplace model and makes it more attractive and reliable for both buyers and sellers," — Springwise

"Ebay has officially met its match in Market Publique. The founders, who are true believers in vintage, say they looked at what was wrong with similar e-commerce marketplaces (ahem) and tried to fix it. The result? A brand-new concept that brings together aspects of community and the rapture of vintage shopping on one easy-to-browse page. Ebay, eat your heart out." — Refinery 29

Published on by Pauline Shin.