Envisioning integrated EMR and patient-at-home

Viking worked with HelloHealth in 2009-2010, way before any significant attention fell on health technology. HelloHealth (aka. Myca Health Inc.) was way ahead of the curve. The company was already thinking through patient-at-home, interoperability, sensors, the cloud — all of the challenges the industry is still facing down today.

We prototyped significant sections of their EHR application, including practice management, encounter documentation, lab review, document management, in-app messaging, and task management. Everything was rigorously documented for the team in Quebec City.


Viking also had the pleasure of working with Clinical Psychologist Marion Zabinski on the patient-at-home piece. It's primary component is Challenges which can be assigned by a practice staff member, recommended based on the patient's medical record, or simply browsed and selected by the patient. An example would be "Quit Smoking" or "Be More Active."

Patients can check-in to their challenges and indicate if they had a good or bad event. Milestones and badges are awarded. SMS reminders can be set up. Friends and colleagues can be invited to participate. Check-ins can be shared view Facebook or Twitter (in theory, good for customer acquisition).

Published on by Anthony Ina.