Designing a fresh approach to e-commerce analytics

Jirafe is a NYC startup which pairs web analytics with e-commerce data from Magento, Shopify, Hybris, and a bunch other platforms. Retailers get a single place to view their metrics, and many other awesome reports which would not be possible without the data integration: Abandon Carts Revenue, Top Products, Real Time Sales, and merchandising features. 


We worked with Jirafe to introduce new branding and imagine a new application. As usual, the project began with a research phase. We generally believe it's better to build a foundation then start over, so we audited their existing app from a user experience and expectation standpoint.


Jirafe already had over 5,000 merchants in 50 counties using the dashboard, so we drafted and sent out a brief survey to understand who was using Jirafe. We gleaned insights into what and who the audience was. Not only that, but also how they worked, what they valued, and why. 

We put together three aspirational personas to use during ideation.

We then moved on to the wireframe stage, where we went through a half dozen rounds of drawing and iterations. 

In parallel, we began the branding effort. Several approaches were explored:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.02.32 PM.png

The team liked the hand-drawn script shown in "03," but we ended up tossing out the logomark for a "script only" approach. We ended up using font Geogrotesque, which we thought was relevant because it has a softened technological feel, but is rounded and modular for display of data.

After merging the branding and wireframe, VL built a HTML-CSS-Javascript prototype for the engineering team from which to work.


Shortly after our project was completed, Jirafe raised a Series A of $7M from the Foundry Group and First Mark Capital, with additional participation from both First Round Capital and O’Reilly Alpha Tech Venture. It's always a treat to see our work on TechCrunch!

Published on by Anthony Ina.