Designing a great app from the ground-up


Viking worked with startup OneReceipt from the get-go (Feb 2011). OneReceipt succeeded in creating the best receipt folder in the palm of your hand.

Start Me Up

Working with OneReceipt, we designed the app from the outside-in, focusing rigorously on "what would we want to use" and "what's the primary point of contact." We dubbed it the "wow page," and began iterating.

A peek at nascent OneReceipt.

A peek at nascent OneReceipt.

We drew up a pretty simple user experience, then ran with it, designing dozens of interactions.


iPhone Me

With the introduction of an iPhone app, the team wanted to go beyond Gmail, Yahoo, and Expensify. The app would allow a user to take a photo of a receipt, and upload it to OneReceipt. You could then assign a merchant (a la Foursquare data), tag it, and write a note. 


Retrieving a receipt was just a few taps away.


We also designed and implemented a simple website to promote the service.


The app got a lot of love, featured in TechCrunch, Lifehacker, etc… 

We must have done something right, because shopping reward giant Ebates acquired OneReceipt in September, 2012. We're thrilled to have been part of their success, and look forward to continuing to evolve the app.

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Published on by Anthony Ina.